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Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to go until governor romney takes the stage in northern virginia. it's the first time he and paul ryan have campaigned together in the commonwealth since ryan was introduced as the gop running mate in norfolk. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live in fishersville, virginia. the romney supporters must be feeling reenergized tonight. >> reporter: hey, doreen, i would have to describe the atmosphere here festive. thousands have packed into this location to show mitt romney exactly what they think of his debate performance last night. telling us in fact the roads into this venue have been backed up for miles, folks making their way in here. this is a solidly red part of virginia. but even here romney backers say the debate inspires them to get behind this ticket in a whole new way. decked out in romney t-shirts and buttons, supporters lined up early in the shenandoah valley to see both mitt romney and paul ryan. most here say it was governor romney's performance in the debate that has them suddenly pumped up about the ticket's prospects on election day. >> i didn't feel excite
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
? it worked. tough task facing the falcons qb. we have ryan on ryan qb crime. returns it 28 yards for the score. his second career touchdown. red kins up 7-0. third quarter, skins with third and goal. rg3 can't find an open receiver so he takes off and is hit hard as he was trying to slide out of bounds. he would leave the game. again, a mild concussion. coach shanahan said griffin didn't know the quarter or the score. he got back up but didn't return. next man up, the other rookie qb, kirk cousins. the fourth-round pick on his second drive. third and nine. he hooks up with santana moss for a 77-yard scoring strike. the first career td for cousins. he's loving it. skins take a 17-14 lead. but back come the falcons. under three to play, tied at 17. big hole for michael turner who runs in for a 13-yard game-winning touchdown. skins fall 24-17. so disappointing, but robert griffin iii, he left the game with a con kecussion and his teammates say he'll be okay. >> i talked to him but he said he's cool. i know how this league is when it comes to tough hits and hits like than owe a quart
Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. perhaps teddy's win inspired the team. ryan zimmerman the first player at the bait since teddy won his race. getting things done. coincidence? you decide. his 25th home run of the year ties the game at 1. after a michael morris double, it's tyler moore facing cliff lee. and moore taking one to left. that just stays fair. three straight hits after teddy gets his win. bottom eighth, now 3-1. fans with the giant michael morris' head. two-run shot puts the nationals up 5-1. that's your final. the nationals finish with a record of 98-64. they will be the top seed in the national league. the postseason set to begin on sunday in either st. louis or atlanta. the braves and cardinals will be playing in the playing game. davies on how he fields heading into the play-offs and after today's win. >> no doubt about it. you want to finish feeling good. and that was definitely a feel-good finish. we all wanted him to get there. he certainly pitched better, to have 15 wins. a great outing. good win. don't have to make a five-hour plane trip. that's great. >> that's davy johnson. the story that swept th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3